How many tigers do you see? Viewers who can spot all the hidden tigers in optical illusion are in the top 1%

Only 1% of viewers can find all 16 tigers in a mind-boggling optical illusion that hides them in a jungle landscape.

At first sight, the image clearly shows four tigers, but closer examination reveals that the scene also has more than ten other enormous cats that are hiding in the background.

Users are trying to identify the hidden figures in the popular puzzle, which was published by TikTok user Hectic Nick, and it has received close to 100k likes on social media.

"Can you spot all the tigers in this image?" asks Hectic Nick in the video. Finding them all is essentially impossible.

Send this to a friend so they can try it out and let me know how many you can see.

Although only four tigers are first visible, the illusion contains a total of 16 tigers.

If you look closely, the trees, vegetation, and rocks in the picture should all have tigers' faces on them.

Many readers expressed their anger in the comments after having trouble selecting all 16 of the items.