Here are the 5 most ‘overvalued’ housing markets in the US — they could even see prices plunge 15% to 20% if a recession hits

According to a recent analysis by Moody's Analytics, years of rising property prices have caused real estate to be overvalued in 96 percent of the biggest US areas.

During the pandemic, housing costs in Boise, Idaho, increased significantly.

After epidemic shutdowns, the most costly city in the nation became a popular destination for technology employees moving from pricey California towns.

In Colorado Springs, where a new clause was proposed to protect homebuyers, things have heated up.

Although Las Vegas costs skyrocketed during the pandemic, there might be a small change on the horizon. In May, the average price of a home surpassed its previous high of $482,000.

Phoenix's population is expanding, and with fewer properties on the market, housing costs will increase.

During the pandemic, Coeur D'Alene experienced a massive increase in inventory, with a year-over-year increase of 112 percent in May 2022.

According to Moody's, buyers paid a premium of 55.9%. Comparatively, 19.6 percent of the population did so in 2019.