GET PUMPED Martin Lewis urges drivers to use simple trick to fill up their car for less

Martin Lewis, a money-saving guru, has revealed the best strategies for finding the cheapest gasoline, along with a helpful free tool.

The advice coincides with skyrocketing petrol prices at the pump and skyrocketing electric and gas bills in a cost of living crisis.

Martin Lewis and the RAC collaborated to explain on his website how significant savings might be achieved.

Brits have been encouraged to compare costs using a convenient online free tool rather than driving around to see which gas station is the cheapest for the fuel they need.

Martin claimed that because the tip had received so much attention, the website had crashed. Here's what you need to know now that it's operational again.

You only need to enter your postcode, the distance you are willing to travel for fuel, and the type of fuel you require once you have registered your information.

The website then displays the most affordable gas stations nearby, including a total of 8,500 forecourts in the UK.

Drivers can also download the app if they wish to be able to check prices on the go.

Additionally, drivers are recommended to be on the lookout for any transient gasoline discount promotions that may appear from time to time.