Gas Stimulus Payments: How many states are sending checks?

Families are paying more at the pump than almost ever before as gas prices continue to soar around the world.

By implementing Gas Stimulus payments, the United States of America is seeking to lessen some of the associated burdens on families.

While some states have already started sending out checks, others have yet to do so; on the other side, some states aren't at all involved.

As long as they submitted their 2021 tax returns before June 30, 2022, Colorado is paying residents up to $500.

President Biden's native state of Delaware began delivering $300 stimulus cheques to residents who filed their 2020 tax returns.

Before deciding who should receive stimulus payments, Georgia evaluates a resident's tax filing status.

Minnesota is particularly providing certain frontline employees with payments totaling around $750, but the application procedure hasn't started yet since regulation stimulus cheques are given precedence.

The state stimulus, worth about $500, is available to New Jersey residents who are not eligible for the federal stimulus payments under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.