Gas has nearly reached an incredible $10 a gallon

New Yorkers who spend $5 a gallon for gas may believe things can't get much worse.

However, in one California town, a fill-up costs nearly double that amount.

On Friday afternoon, a Chevron station in Mendocino, some 175 miles north of San Francisco, was charging $9.60 per gallon for normal.

According to AAA, this is more than $3 more per gallon than the state average of $6.30 and $4.78 more than the national average of $4.82.

Individual stations around the country, though, are charging more than the national average, with one in Los Angeles topping $8 on Friday.

According to AAA, the statewide average has risen to $4.851, with the average in all boroughs except Staten Island above $5 Saturday morning.

The Menocino station, Schlafer's Auto Body & Repair, is the only one in the tourist paradise, which is advertised on the county website as "an magical destination packed with authentic, unspoilt California options," and is regularly regarded as the most costly in the country.