Garmin Fenix 7 vs Apple Watch 7: Which is the best fitness watch?

The Garmin Fenix 7 and Apple Watch 7 are two quite different watches, but they are two of the best options for those who wish to track their fitness on a daily basis.

Hardcore runners and triathletes may rush to Garmin, but is the Fenix 7 truly a superior fitness tracker over the Apple Watch 7?

We put the timepieces side by side, or wrist to wrist, to examine how they differ in terms of experience and how accurate the data you'll see is.

Whether you're looking for the finest running watch or one of the best smartwatches for everyday usage, the ideal option may vary.

Analyzing the heart rate accuracy of the Fenix 7 and Apple Watch 7 is one clear technique to identify concrete differences.

To determine which watch performs better, we employed a chest strap heart rate sensor as an adjudicator.

This would have been an easy win for Apple until lately. It has set the benchmark for consumer-level wrist HR for years.

We've witnessed Garmin's overshoot at the start of workouts and results that shift slightly between software updates in the last couple of years.