FADED FACES If you spot all four women in this optical illusion you’re in the top 2% 

Ukrainian artist Oleg Shupliak is known for his optical illusions, which include creative portrait heads dubbed Hidden Images.

Shupliak produced this surrealist work titled Four Women in 2013. It appears at first glance that a woman is on the phone.

You can see another woman on the woman's hand's palm if you look at it close to her cheek.

It's not easy to locate the third woman. You might be able to make out the outline of a nose, eyes, and pair of lips when looking at the miniature woman on the arm.

It is first a little difficult to distinguish the third woman because you must look at the side profile to see her.

The image has a close-up version on Shupliak's website so visitors can clearly see the third woman.

You'll see that the first woman's stomach has a pair of lips, and the entire picture is a woman.

This illusion is one of many that Shupliak makes, including one that resembles Marilyn Monroe.