Elon Musk’s business card from 1995 goes viral. Tesla CEO reacts

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, appears to be the subject of the most recent online discussions.

From walking away from the multi-billion dollar Twitter transaction to discussing Mars colonization, Musk always commands attention.

The 51-year-old business magnate is a frequent tweeter and always makes sure to make his 101 million followers smile with his humorous tweets.

Musk recently reminisced after seeing a post from the Twitter account DogeDesigner that included a photo of his former business card.

When Musk and his brother Kimbal Musk founded a company named Zip2 in 1995, the card was issued in their names.

The business, which belonged to Compaq, gave newspapers access to its online city guide software in exchange for licenses. It was abandoned in 1999.

The sentimental post received over 20,000 likes and Elon Musk also left a remark! Ancient times, wrote Musk.

Internet users applauded Musk for making such significant progress in his life and for his achievements in the world of technology.