EASY CLEAN How to clean vertical blinds in five simple steps

It's crucial to ascertain the material your blinds are composed of before you begin cleaning them.

The five-step cleaning procedure we will teach you cannot be used to clean wooden vertical blinds.

If you have fabric vertical blinds, however, you may either apply this technique or wash them in a washing machine.

In order to thoroughly clean the headrail, you must first remove the blinds from it.

Use the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner to make sure all of the dust is gone.

You may either wash your blinds in a washing machine or by simply filling a bathtub with warm water.

Lay them out flat and let them to dry naturally. If you want the process to go even more quickly, you can use a hair dryer set to a cool setting.

You can hang your blinds back up on the headrail once they have dried completely.

With your new, spotless blinds, your home will feel nicer overall.