DWP confirms if the £650 cost of living payment in July is per household or individual

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is giving people a one-time cash payment of £650 to help with the skyrocketing cost of living.

The first instalment of the supplementary payment will start to arrive in more than eight million households throughout the UK starting next month.

People who apply for both a means-tested benefit and Tax Credits from HM Revenue and Customs will get the £650 payment (HMRC).

Two payments will be made into bank accounts, with the first payment of £326 starting on July 14 and lasting through the end of the month.

The first of their two payments will be made to claimants who solely receive either the Working Tax Credit or Child Tax Credit later this year; a precise date has not yet been released.

Following a deluge of member inquiries on the subject in their Money Saving Facebook page, DWP has officially addressed the July payment details with the Daily Record.

You will get one payment of £326 in July if you apply as an individual for any of the applicable means-tested benefits.

You will get one payment of £326 in July if you and your partner qualify for any of the qualifying means-tested benefits