Do I receive the $2,364 in Social Security benefits this week?

When you apply for Early Retirement Age in the United States, you can earn a Social Security retirement payout of up to $2,364. (ERA).

At age 62, you can take this sort of retirement, which entitles you to up to 70% of your total pension income.

The maximum Social Security benefit is set for the year 2022 because the COLA will cause a little increase the following year.

As a result, you could benefit from obtaining the maximum benefit of $2,364 for this week. You will need to know the day of the month you were born in order to determine if this is the case.

You might or might not get your pension depending on your birthdate.

In this situation, you must have been born between January 1 and October 10 in order to get your pension this week.

If you were born in this range, you can start receiving the benefit very soon and will have money this week if you qualify.