Discovery of 'hidden world' under Antarctic ice has scientists 'jumping for joy'

More than 1,600 feet beneath the surface, a hidden environment was discovered.

An underground river deep beneath the frozen surface of Antarctica harbors a never-before-seen ecosystem.

The mysterious subterranean home was discovered underneath the Larsen Ice Shelf by geologists.

A vast, floating ice sheet linked to the Antarctic Peninsula's eastern coast that famously gave birth to the world's largest iceberg in 2021.

Satellite images revealed an unusual groove in the ice shelf near where it met the ground, and experts identified it as a subsurface river, which they described in a release (opens in new tab).

To reach the underground chamber, the team used a strong hot-water hose to drill down roughly 1,640 feet (500 meters) below the ice's surface.

Hundreds of small, fuzzy flecks in the water obstructed the video feed as the researchers sent a camera down down the freezing tunnel and into the cavern.