Discover which type of Social Security retirement is best for you

When to retire on Social Security is a concern for all citizens of the United States.

Both retiring at Full Retirement Age (FRA) and retiring at Early Retirement Age (ERA) have benefits (FRA).

Because the final decision is totally up to the individual, every circumstance is different.

As long as we meet specific criteria, we can apply for Social Security retirement at any time, so it's useful to learn all the details.

You will have more time to enjoy retirement and your Social Security benefits if you apply for ERA at age 62.

Since you won't be working every day and will have more time for rest and leisure activities, your health will improve.

Your Social Security benefit will increase every month until it reaches its maximum level. The exact sum will be determined by your work history and degree of lifetime earnings.

When you reach your FRA, you will have a sizable savings if you have been working and saving during all of those years.