Destiny of science modelled and explained in new study

The researchers used machine learning and other cutting-edge data analysis techniques to analyze millions of scientific publications in order to model the evolution of convergence.

The researchers describe various stages in the development of knowledge, each of which is distinguished by a unique type of convergence.

First, well-known polymaths like Aristotle and Leonardo da Vinci served as examples of polymathic convergence, which pervaded early science up to the Renaissance.

Knowledge integration was happening at the period of polymathic convergence in the minds of lone intellectuals.

A good example is how others have utilized Darwin's theory of biological evolution to explain economic and social systems.

Then, in the middle of the 20th century, the period of multidisciplinary team convergence began, where professionals from several disciplines collaborated to achieve a shared objective.

Knowledge integration between teams of scientists with various specialties has been taking place in multidisciplinary teams.

The Manhattan Project, which helped to usher humanity into the nuclear era, is a well-known example of this type of confluence.