CUTTING COSTS I’m a savings expert – four items to avoid buying to lower your grocery bill

The recommendation comes at a time when supermarket prices are growing dramatically and inflation is still on the rise.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics said that with consumer goods prices rising 9.1 percent in June, the inflation rate hit a 41-year high.

According to MarketWatch, food prices rose 12.2 percent last year, which was the largest annual increase since 1979.

Josh Bivens, director of research at the Economic Policy Institute, stated that "we all know that commodity prices—mostly those for food and energy—are the key drivers of today's huge amount

According to a MarketWatch story, the price of food is increasing because supply-chain problems resulting from the Russia-Ukraine War are driving up the cost of fertilizer.

Bivens expects that prices will eventually decline, but there are particular goods that you might want to steer clear of because of how much inflation has damaged them.

The cost of milk and eggs has increased significantly since last year.

Compared to previous year, the cost of eggs increased by 33.1% while the cost of milk increased by 16.4%.