Comet 11 miles wide enters inner solar system, will approach Earth

Comet C/2017 K2 has been seen entering our inner solar system by an astronomer; it will soon approach Earth due to its orbit.

In 2017, astronomers discovered Comet C/2017 K2, and now the incredibly old comet is approaching our inner solar system.

Comet C/2017, also known as Comet K2, is thought by scientists to have originated from the Oort Cloud.

And when it was first discovered, it was located between Saturn and Uranus, 1.5 billion kilometers from the Sun.

Astronomers thought Comet K2 was 99 miles wide when it was originally identified.

However, subsequent Hubble Space Telescope observations reduced that figure to the agreed-upon 11-mile-wide width.

Despite the fact that the diameter estimate was initially off, it should be emphasized that Comet K2 is still quite huge, measuring as wide as two Mount Everests stacked on top of one another.

According to, the majority of comet nuclei have a diameter between 0.62 and 1.86 miles.