Child Tax Credit 2022 update — Direct payments of $250 per child drop in just WEEKS

On May 9, Governor Ned Lamont ratified the Connecticut Child Tax Rebate until 2022.

Connecticut had a massive $4 billion budget surplus and returned some of it to taxpayers.

Lamont stated that he anticipates payments to be made in August, close to the beginning of the academic year.

Many states, including California, Idaho, Maryland, New Mexico, New York, and several more, provide child tax credits.

A bill that would allow pregnant mothers to get the Child Tax Credit is being sponsored by a number of Republican politicians.

A credit of up to $2,000 would be available to expectant mothers at any point in their pregnancies.

If the expectant moms experience a miscarriage or stillbirth, they are still eligible for the credit; however, if they experience an abortion, they are not.

Senator Mike Lee of Utah hopes that this legislation will lower the number of children born into poverty, although previous attempts have failed.

At the current rates, the few borrowers who could profit from refinancing could save $309 per month on average.