CASH HELP Direct payments of $700 for millions of Americans to be sent to bank accounts – could you also qualify for a bonus $350?

Starting in October, the state of California will distribute direct payments to eligible citizens, with the possibility of an additional $350 bonus under the new scheme.

Those qualified Californians will be able to see hundreds of dollars deposited to their bank accounts in the upcoming months thanks to the direct payments, which were made available as part of the state's yearly budget.

The state budget was enacted into law by California Governor Gavin Newsom at the end of June.

Direct deposit or debit cards with pre-loaded funds will be used to distribute the funds.

Individuals earning up to $250,000 annually are eligible for some amount of cash under the multi-tiered $9.5 billion expenditure scheme.

Your income level and the composition of your household will determine whether you receive any cash benefits and how much you could be eligible to get.

Individual taxpayers who file individual tax returns and earn up to $75,000 annually are entitled to payments totaling $350.

Couples with joint tax returns who earn up to $150,000 yearly would receive $350 apiece, for a total of $700 per pair.