Can You Spot The Shadow Of The Earth In This Optical Illusion Painting?

Find the shadow of the globe that the youngster is holding in the painting below.

Robert created a painting of a young woman holding a torch and a globe in the moonlight.

I wonder if she was a science nerd attempting to comprehend the idea of shadow or if she was trying to communicate with some angels on the moon using the torchlight signals.

It's great that you discovered the shadow of the globe that was concealed in the picture.

You have a curious mind and excellent eyesight. But let us give you a tip just in case you haven't located the shadow.

The moon was full that night, yet for some reason one cannot see it. The shadow, perhaps? Yes, you have discovered it now.

Your brain and eyes are fooled by optical illusion, which tricks you into seeing things that aren't actually there.

Since we have seen the moon in the above image so frequently and in this particular shape, we fail to see that it is actually a shadow of something blocking its view.