Can You Spot All 7s In This Viral Optical Illusion Image?

It's obvious that the Internet can't get enough of optical illusions. Every other day, a new brain teaser makes the rounds on the internet.

Continuing the theme of mind-boggling optical illusions, we have another one today that challenges viewers to find all seven 7s in the viral image.

What do you observe when you look closely at the optical illusion?

You're in the top 1% if you can locate all of the numerals 7s in this optical illusion picture.

"Only one percent of people can discover all the 7s in the image," according to the brain teaser, which was uploaded on TikTok.

The graphic, Nick said, challenges others to guess the amount of 7s, but he didn't divulge the right answer. It's no wonder that the photograph has caused some consternation.

The sight puzzled his fans. The majority expected 17 7s, but some said the viral picture included 28 7s.

Can you count how many 7s you can see?

A magician on TikTok published another mind-bending brain teaser that has gone viral on the internet today, according to The Sun. His audience was perplexed by his optical illusion technique.