Can You Find The Tallest Man In This Optical Illusion Image?

Your brain can be tricked by optical illusion into thinking something is there that isn't.

It is a kind of mental exercise that tricks you into seeing things that aren't there.

Consider an illustration of a modern optical illusion. You are tasked with identifying which of the three people in the image is the tallest.

The optical illusion affects how the brain processes visual information in a certain way.

It is based not just on brain-eye coordination but also on your long-term memories, habits, and intelligence at times.

They were made to look at three armed men who were standing ready and keeping watch.

The most common response was that the tallest man appeared to be the final man standing on the right.

Your brain is tricked into believing that the first man is a dwarf, the second man is slightly taller than him, and the third man is the tallest due to optical illusion in this image.