Buying locally-sourced meats & saving money ahead of summer cookouts

Expect to set aside extra money for outdoor barbecues once the summer season truly begins. Butchers claim that prices for meat had increased by 20% over the previous year.

To find out which meat cut, if any, would be the best to purchase in order to save some money, we went to the Syracuse butchers Liehs & Steigerwald.

It goes without saying that your burgers will continue to be less expensive than your tenderloin, said to Jeff Steigerwald, president of Leihs and Steigerwald.

Butchers warn that you won't be successful in finding steak at a lower price than chicken because prices are rising consistently.

However, butchers claim that buying locally could bring you better quality for a lower price than purchasing from well-known midwestern farm brands since local meats are more predictable.

According to Steigerwald, "the pricing of the local goods is actually growing more in line with the stuff from the midwest," and it is of higher quality.

Our local products are all prime rate. We purchase a variety of goods from the Midwest, thus the price differential is unquestionably narrowing as a result of rising Midwest goods.

For your holiday cookouts, Steigerwald advises turning to sausages and hotdogs if you want to serve the most people for the least amount of money