Avoid Zelle Scams With 4 Easy Steps to Keep Your Money Safe

There are certain actions you may take to prevent Zelle scams because the majority of them are socially engineered.

This guidance is applicable to all alleged frauds, not just those utilizing Zelle. Don't reply if a communication claims to be from your bank but you didn't get in touch with them beforehand.

To learn more about your account and any potential security risks, call your financial institution immediately.

Alarm bells should go out if someone advises you to take immediate action to fix a financial issue.

Scammers utilize haste and fright techniques to make you feel panicked and less able to think clearly.

Users in the utility scams described in the section above were given a 30-minute window to take action before their power was cut off.

Two-factor authentication (2FA), also referred to as multifactor authentication or two-factor, offers an additional layer of security to your accounts.

Every time you log into your account, you'll get a new one-time password that lasts for 30 to 60 seconds and is often sent to you through email or text message.