Are you among the 1% who can see the hidden celebrity? Tricks to help you see them in this black and white image

This picture may appear to be a splotchy black and white grid, but it actually contains a well-known face.

This picture is a fresh spin on the well-known Magic Eye illusions, which masked 3D images in swirls of dots or lines.

The optical illusion appears as a white grid with black dots at first glance.

However, a closer look reveals that a celebrity's image is actually hidden between the dots.

As with many illusions, it appears straightforward but is not. It is not at all clear which star it depicts, and the longer you stare at it, the more it may perplex your brain and sight.

There are a few things you may do to assist you see the famous face hidden in the picture more clearly if you are having trouble spotting it.

Shaking the device you are viewing it on or viewing it at an angle are two possible ways to help the portrait stand out more clearly.

Looking closely at the photograph while stepping away from your phone or computer is the most effective approach to see the celebrity.