ANIMAL MAGIC You’ve got a top IQ if you can spot the hidden animal in this picture in 30 seconds

The challenging image, produced by BBC Earth, challenges observant viewers to find the badger amid the zebras.

Users searched for hints, but at first the identification of the hidden animal remained a mystery.

On the BBC's post, a user left the following comment: "I've been gazing for so long that I'm beginning to lose the memory of what a badger should look like.

Another said his partner picked up the phone and "saw the badger in seconds" after he "had sore eyes" searching for it ".

After it was shared on the platform, TikTok users were equally perplexed, with many of them coming to the conclusion that the cheeky badger was hidden on the "middle left side" of the picture.

It happens after viewers were tasked with identifying the chick in a challenging brainteaser within eight seconds.

A spring-themed image with daffodils and fields contains the newborn animal.

If you're having trouble, look towards the bottom left-hand corner of the picture.

The fish's tail may be visible protruding through a really sizable snowflake.