Amazon Engineer Sues for Work From Home Costs

In 2020, Amazon, like every other corporation, sent all employees who could work from home to work from home.

According to a lawsuit filed by an Amazon engineer in California, they didn't start paying for their employees' internet and electricity expenditures.

It appears to make perfect sense on the surface. Companies in California are required by law to pay all business expenditures.

Employees who work from home consume more electricity and use the internet than those who work in an office.

As a result, the engineer has a strong case. At the very least, that's why the judge didn't dismiss it.

Amazon claims that these costs are not its responsibility because it was not its decision to send people home.

It was in accordance with state orders that everyone be sent home. There does not appear to be an exception for emergencies in the statute.

The conflict between managers who want people at the office and employees who want to be at home has raged on for years.

Only 4% of employers require full-time in-office work for occupations that can be done remotely, while 90% offer hybrid work.