After 15 Years, Apple Is Finally Adding an Iconic Feature to the iPhone. It's a Nod to Steve Jobs

The majority of the iPhone's functionality, which Steve Jobs displayed on stage in 2007 when he unveiled the device, had never been seen before.

One of these allowed users to access their iPhone's home screen by just dragging their finger across the screen (also known as "slide to unlock").

Jobs used an image of a clownfish, which has since become recognizable, to illustrate the feature.

It's legendary not only because it was many people's initial impression of the original iPhone, but also because iOS has never actually had the wallpaper.

According to rumors, several users have now discovered the recognizable wallpaper in iOS 16's most recent beta.

According to a tweet from Jack Roberts that Mark Gurman of Bloomberg later reposted, the wallpaper is an option in the third beta.

Before anyone gets overly enthusiastic, it's important to note that just because something appears in a software beta version doesn't necessarily indicate it will ever be released to the general public.

It's also important to note that not all users of iOS 16 beta 3 have seen the wallpaper. All of this is to indicate that Apple may not even include this wallpaper in iOS 16.