A 26-year-old on track to make $200,000 from 2 remote jobs secretly squeezed into 40 hours explains how he gets away with it — and his 'only Great Resignation regret'

Fayette Woods, 26, says he needs two jobs to accomplish his financial goals, including paying for his wife's college tuition.

And he was saving for retirement at the age of 60, as well as keeping up with his payments throughout a four-decade period of significant inflation.

However, Woods works both jobs at the same time, and neither employer is aware of the other.

"You can't get by on one income in this economy," Woods remarked. For reasons of privacy, he requested that his real identity and employment be kept hidden.

Woods, who works full-time as an account manager for a software firm, also works as a furniture salesperson for a retailer.

Working remotely for both jobs, he claims, helps him to avoid being detected – something that was only conceivable during the pandemic.

Woods anticipates a $40,000 income increase this year by working roughly 40 hours per week while being paid for 60.

According to pay stubs seen by Insider, he is on course to earn more than $160,000 at the software company this year, including commission.