6 stimulus checks & direct payments worth of $1,700 going out to millions of Americans in July

The majority of the payouts will take the form of tax refunds, with the goal of balancing out the excessive inflation that is harming Americans' access to everything from food to gas.

However, each of these will only be made once.

See which cities and states are sending money in July.

Eligible Residents of Chicago, Illinois, may request funds for their transportation and gas cards each month.

In May, millions of people in the state of Indiana began to receive their rebate payouts.

The reimbursements are worth $250 for married couples and $125 for single people.

A one-time stimulus check of $1,400 has been requested by thousands of Johnson County, Iowa citizens with low and moderate incomes through the Direct Assistance Program.

Maine has began distributing rebate cheques totalling $850 for each individual and $1,700 for the typical family this month.

More tax refunds of up to $500 will be given to hundreds of thousands of New Mexicans.

More than 236,000 people in Oregon will get $600 stimulus cheques.