5 United States cities where you can retire for less than $1,500 per month

It is feasible to achieve the retirement of your dreams. In some American communities, you can retire on a tight budget.

This knowledge is crucial if you're considering retiring but are concerned about the state of the economy.

These are the cities where you may retire on a monthly income of less than $1,500.

The overall cost of living in the state capital of Michigan is $1,485. The rent for the housing portion of this budget is $701, and the cost of consumables is $308.

Oklahoma City, Lawton,Spending in this city each month is $1,483.

The average cost of medical treatment per month is $660.52, whereas the average monthly rent payment is $519. The typical cost of groceries is $304.73.

Louisiana's Lake Charles,,The overall cost of living in this area, which is halfway between Houston and New Orleans, is $1,446.59.

The following budget allocates $600 to rent, $500 to medical expenses, and the remaining amount to food.

Minnesota's St. Cloud,The area's monthly costs total $1,404. The price of healthcare is $444.71. However, the cost of groceries is $328.

INDIA'S FORT WAYNE,$1,397 is spent each month. Health care expenses are $453 and average rent is $634.