5 Natural Remedies and Supplements Proven by Science to Help Treat Anxiety

In the modern world, stress and anxiety are becoming increasingly common, especially in the aftermath of serious public health concerns as COVID-19.

Despite the fact that there are many anti-anxiety prescription medications available, these treatments frequently have undesirable side effects or might lead to chemical dependency.

Here are 10 herbal remedies and nutritional supplements that have been scientifically shown to reduce anxiety to help with your quest.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), such as those found in omega-3 oils, are crucial for the development and maintenance of a healthy body.

The roots of a little plant called Withania somnifera, more frequently referred to as ashwagandha, have long been utilized as a therapeutic herb in Ayurveda (ancient Indian medicine).

The term "chamomile" refers to a number of daisy-like plants that are grown for their blooms, which have long been dried and used to prepare the popular nighttime drink known as chamomile tea.

The flowering vine known as the passionflower, or Passiflora, is indigenous to the Americas. It is immediately recognized by its eye-catching corona, which is often purple, yellow, and white.

The flower lavender is famous for its striking purple color and delightful aroma. Because of these qualities, it is frequently utilized in food and cosmetics.