5 Daily Habits for Work-Life Balance and Career Success

Be considerate of others. I've been doing this regularly for years. If you'd like to see more instances of how being uplifting and showing thankfulness may benefit you in business.

Despite how corny it may seem, this is one of my favorite things. Additionally, it's how I've created a remarkable network of friends and business partners.

No concerns if you've adopted the work-from-home lifestyle and aren't in a position for an IRL exchange with a stranger every day.

I am that. You have individuals in your life you adore, whether or not you have those kinds of professional ties, or if saying that to a coworker just feels weird for you (I can see that!).

I make sure to express my love to my wife and daughter numerous times each day.

This does not imply that you must perform challenging core exercises daily. Nevertheless, I am aware that when I don't exercise, I am less content and more angry.

In my family diary, which I keep, I traditionally write down personal remarks.

When my daughter was nine months old and we were driving cross-country to return to Boston from Los Angeles, I started this habit.