10% Social Security rise would eliminate Food Insecurity for around 500,000 pensioners

Social Security is a program that operates in the US to prevent issues like food insecurity. Many pensioners, though, are unable to adequately cover expenses and inflation.

As a result, according to certain research, 9.7% of seniors are unable to cover their monthly expenses.

As a result, individuals run the risk of experiencing food insecurity, which is a very serious issue.

According to The Conversation, almost all Social Security retirees can afford to eat well and participate in physical activity.

However, a sizable portion of them are also dealing with food insecurity.

For almost 500,000 pensioners, this issue may be resolved with a modest benefit increase of just 10%.

9.7% of adults, according to data from the US Census Bureau, experience food insecurity. This is an increase of nearly 2 percent from April, when 8% of Americans reported being food insecure.

The Social Security Administration must act now to address the significant food issue in order to prevent further crises.