1 in 3 Americans earning $250,000 or more say they live paycheck to paycheck — are they really?

That's a lot of money: even folks who earn far over six figures think it's difficult to stretch their money.

According to the June New Reality Check: Paycheck to Paycheck Report, more than one-third of Americans earning more than $250,000 live paycheck to paycheck.

To be precise, 36% of Americans earning a quarter million dollars or more say they will run out of money again by payday.

According to a joint survey conducted by data and insights firm Pymnts and the LendingClub Corporation with 4,048 respondents. More than 40% of individuals with a salary of $100,000 or more agree.

The larger picture isn't looking good. In April 2022, 61 percent of Americans were living paycheck to paycheck, according to the research.

In other words, over two-thirds of Americans, or approximately 157 million people, have little to no money left over at the end of the month, up nine percentage points since April 2021.

And the majority of folks earning less than $50,000 (about 80%) are living paycheck to paycheck.

"Inflation is squeezing lower and moderate income people the most," Greg McBride, chief financial analyst at Bankrate.com, told MarketWatch.