Wacky McDonald’s meals from around the world including macaroni cheese toasties, the ‘McKroket’ and Oreo Spam burgers


McDonald’s menu got an exciting shake-up this week with the introduction of halloumi fries and a lasagne-flavored burger.

New summer menuFeaturing flavors inspired by the cuisines of Spain and Italy, it also includes a Tiramisu McFlurry and a Spanish Fruit Punch.


Halloumi Fries and Italian and Spanish Inspired Burgers Are Coming to the UKcredit: David Dyson
A Tiramisu McFlurry Brings a Taste of Italy's Golden Arches


A Tiramisu McFlurry Brings a Taste of Italy’s Golden Archescredit: McFlurry

new food To be offered in two waves, the Italian menu available from this week and a taste of Spain and Cyprus next month.

The fast food chain has more than 36,000 outlets in more than 100 countries, serving 68 million customers daily.

But menus vary from country to country, with diners in Japan and Canada enjoying a very different maki experience to those in the UK.

From Macaroni Cheese Toasties to Oreo Spam Burgers, here are some of the strangest and wonderful creations found under the golden arches around the world.

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Oreo Spam Burger – China

Oreo Spam Mash-Up May Not Be To Everyone's Taste


Oreo Spam Mash-Up May Not Be To Everyone’s Taste

Food combinations don’t get more awkward than canned meat and crushed cookies.

But Mackie D’s dinner in China was introduced in 2020 itself – Oreo Spam Burger.

The off-putting creation included two extra-thick slices of Spam with Oreo crumbs and the brand’s classic burger sauce.

It was only available for one day, but proved to be a surprise hit – with one customer declaring the flavors “unexpectedly harmonious and delicious.”

Ham N’ Egg Twisty Pasta – Hong Kong

Pasta and vegetarian dish topped with eggs and a ham patty


Pasta and vegetarian dish topped with eggs and a ham pattycredit: McDonald’s

Oddly, this strange pasta dish, topped with ham and a poached egg, is on the breakfast menu at Hong Kong outlets.

It also comes with a sausage and egg topping or grilled chicken for lunch.

McCroket – Netherlands

Delicious croquettes hide a meaty surprise


Delicious croquettes hide a meaty surprisecredit: McDonald’s

Croquette burgers have a hidden ingredient that can come as a surprise.

Inside that crunchy potato shell, doused in a mustard sauce, is beef stew.

The salty feast is a Dutch staple—and a complete meal in one loaf.

Bacon, Cheese and Macaroni Toastie – Hong Kong

Pasta-Filled Sandwich Is One Carb Too Far


Pasta-Filled Sandwich Is One Carb Too Far

If a carb overload is needed, this toasted sandwich filled with macaroni cheese and bacon is just the thing.

McDonald’s introduced this salty snack to the Hong Kong market in 2017, possibly inventing the most unhealthy food deal ever.

Want fries with him?

Shaka Shaka Chicken – Japan

Shaka Shaka Chicken lets you add your own flavor


Shaka Shaka Chicken Lets You Add Your Flavorcredit: McDonald’s

Fans of Salt ‘n Shake Crisps will love this dish.

It’s a wrapped chicken patty with lemon, pepper and a choice of American BBQ and a pack of seasonings.

Add seasoning, stir and enjoy.

poutine – canada

Paneer fry tossed in gravy


Paneer fry cooked in gravycredit: McDonald’s

This is a classic Canadian dish from McDonald’s.

Poutines are basically cheese chips, made using cheese curds, then greased with gravy.

Tomato and Mozzarella Business – Italy

Cheese bites are known as Panjarotti


Paneer Bite is known as Panjarotti.credit: McDonald’s

These savory dishes – known as panzarotti in Italy – are like mini calzones.

Stuffed with hot cheese and tomatoes, they’re a great meat-free option.

But that molten lava mozzarella is certainly a mouth-burning hazard.

Black and White Burger – Hong Kong

Black and White Burgers Contain Different Meats


Black and White Burgers Contain Different Meats

Fancy tucking into a black burger bun with your Big Mac.

Apparently it’s the squid ink that darkens the seeded bread, and they are then stuffed with beef.

Chicken patties are used instead of white buns.

Mashed Potato Burger – China

This Big Burger Gets Added a Tbsp of Mash


This Big Burger Gets Added a Tbsp of Mashcredit: McDonald’s

If you’re about to order fries and mash from Nando’s, you’ll want to try this Chinese dish.

As part of its Manly Man campaign in 2012, the country’s McDonald’s launched a burger with two patties and bacon, topped with a scoop of mashed potatoes.

Like a shepherd’s pie in a bun.

Sweetie Con Nutella – Italy

A Gooey Treat From Italy


A Gooey Treat From Italy

This is a burger with a sweet twist.

Instead of meat, the burger bun tastes gooey Nutella. Well nut.

Veg Pizza McPuff – India

Veggie puffs are a popular meat-free option


Veggie puffs are a popular meat-free option

Indian McDonald’s restaurants are hot on vegetarian food and this is a good example.

A delicious dough filled with tomato sauce, carrots, red peppers, beans, onions, peas and gooey mozzarella.

Babar Ayam McD – Malaysia

Oatmeal based dish topped with chicken


Oatmeal based dish topped with chickencredit: McDonald’s

The unexpected mix of chicken strips is served on a bed of porridge and garnished with green onions, chopped ginger, fried shallots and chopped peppers.

Whether it’s for breakfast or lunch is anyone’s guess.


a cooling treat with a squirt of ice cream


a cooling treat with a squirt of ice creamcredit: McDonald’s

Imagine a cold cola with ice cream on a hot sunny day.

The lucky people of Hong Kong indulge in this delicious Coke with a squirt of soft serve ice cream whenever they’re feeling the heat.

It needs to launch in the UK by summer.

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Churros – South Korea

This Dessert Stick Is a Donut Lover's Dream


This Dessert Stick Is a Donut Lover’s Dream

Essentially a donut stick – coated in sugar.



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