Thousands told to REPAY £150 council tax rebate after payment error


Thousands of households will receive £150 council tax energy exemption from their bank accounts following a payment error.

Nearly 3,000 families in North Lincolnshire have received cash in their bank accounts.


A local council is withdrawing £150 payments that were made in errorcredit: Alamy

but they are not eligible for support because they are in Council tax band E.

The families which are in council tax band AD are eligible for cash,

The £150 council tax exemption is designed to help with the rising cost of energy bill And was announced by the government in February this year.

Lump sum payments are being handed out by councils since April, although there are many still waiting for money,

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They get it automatically if they have a direct debit set up for council tax bill payment, and the cash goes directly to the billpayer’s bank account.

Those in Council Tax Band E are not eligible – but they may be able to apply for the same amount of cash Under a separate discretionary scheme.

North Lincolnshire Council has apologized for the error and has contacted those affected.

according to a resident Receiving the letter about the payment error, £150 will be charged by direct debit to bank accounts on 4 July.

Wrong payment was made by mistake on 9th June last week.

A spokesman for the council said: “Due to a processing error many homes in Band E properties are not eligible for the £150 energy rebate.

“We have contacted these people directly to explain the situation, explain in detail how the money is to be recovered and apologize for any inconvenience caused.”

Residents of North Lincolnshire are not the only ones to be affected by council tax energy rebate payment errors.

around Council tax exemptions were paid twice by accident to 25,000 residents in Leeds After the payment has been processed “incorrectly”.

Swale, Kent had over 33,000 residents Affected by an error processing payments in May.

People eligible for the Council Tax Energy Rebate saw both debits and credits to their bank account “due to an error in processing planned payments” – the debit was not taken from people’s accounts.

Councils have struggled to pay the £150 lump sum, with clunky IT systems to blame over time to verify eligibility.

Payment started from 1st April but some Local officials have said payments won’t start until June Required to send discount due to software updates.

Fresh help for families grappling with a subsistence crisis will not come through local councils.

Government set plans for last month Additional one-time cost of living payment This includes £650 for means-tested benefits, £400 for energy billers and £300 more for pensioners.

When will my £150 council tax exemption be paid?

Many local people have already been paid Places like Sunderland, Bracknell And east hampshire,

But some have to wait as long as councils Work through payment processing,

When you get your £150 discount depends on where you live.

Each council will have different systems, dates may vary, and the plan is new.

you can check your Local Council website And when will you get the cash for social media page latest updates.

If you have a direct debit set up to make council tax bill payments, you are likely to receive earlier than if you paid manually.

If you’re eligible for a waiver, but you don’t pay the bill and need to apply, you should keep track of a letter.

This can also be the case if you pay your bill manually and the council does not have the bank details on record for you.

Your council will walk you through how to apply for £150.

But beware of scams where criminals are asking for bank details via text, email or call, claiming that’s how you get the discount.

Experts have warned About red flags to watch so that you do not lose cash.

If you are not eligible for lump sum payment you should check whether you eligible for any other assistance.

You can find out which band you are in to see if you are eligible for the automatic plan, or need to apply to the fund by using government search tool – You just need to enter your postcode.

There are also some discounts in the AD band, for example if you don’t live in the house.

You can do this Challenge your council tax band Don’t miss out on cash if you think it’s wrong.

But be aware that revaluing your band could put you in the lower band where you pay more council tax, so consider the risks.

if you are on one low income or profitYou may be eligible for a deduction on your council tax bill through a separate scheme.

different £144m fund Also launched are what local councils can prepare for vulnerable and low-income families.

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Some councils, such as Camden, have opened applications. For cash up to £150.

And battling the bills might be the hardest of families £150. eligible for additional payment on top of,

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