Thousands to start four-day working week trial next week


Thousands of UK workers will be working four days a week next week – and they will lose no pay.

In all, 60 firms with 3,000 employees have signed up to take part in a pilot starting June 6, which will give workers a long weekend.


Thousands of employees will get an extra day off but will be paid the same

It will run for six months and is being organized by campaign group 4 Day Week Global.

participating businesses will four day week trial But the wages of the workers will not be deducted.

It is based on the idea that employees will receive 80% of their wages 100% of the time, and are expected to maintain 100% productivity.

Companies that have signed up for the trial range from large corporate firms to charities and local chip shops.

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During the pilot, businesses will work with researchers to record the impact on productivity.

They will also track worker well-being and impact on the environment and gender equality.

other firm have also adopted shorter weeks As the pandemic has caused the attitude towards flexible working has changed.

Atom Bank came into limelight late last year when it Lasted four days Weeks without reducing pay.

However, instead of reducing employees’ hours, it lengthened the four working days – leaving Fridays free for the entire company.

Some companies have cut hours to give employees a permanent 32-hour week without any loss.

Leeds finance firm BWD began a four-day week without reducing pay in 2021 after a “remarkable” three-month trial.

London-based software developer IriusRisk also moved to a three-day weekend.

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Which companies are offering a four day week as part of the trial?

There are 60 companies in the pilot but only 28 have publicly announced that they are participating.

Firms include:

  • Royal Society of Biology – Professional body
  • Hutch – Mobile Game Developer
  • Yo Telecom – Telecom Services
  • Adzooma – Online Marketing Services
  • Pressure Drop Brewing – Brewery
  • Happy – Workplace Consulting Services
  • Platten’s Fish & Chips – The Chip Shop in Norfolk
  • Eurowagens – Car Parts Retailer
  • Bookishly – Online Book & Gift Shop
  • Results Group 1 – Education and foster care services
  • NeatClean – Eco Cleaning Products Firm
  • 5 Squirrel – Skincare Branding Consultancy
  • Salamandra – Animation Studio
  • Girling Jones – Recruitment Firm
  • AKA Case Management – Case Management Firm
  • IE Brand & Digital – Marketing Company
  • Helping Hands – Home Care Services
  • Trio Media – Marketing Agency
  • Literal Human – Marketing Agency
  • Physiquip – Rehabilitation Tech Company
  • Tyler Grange – Landscape Planning Consultancy
  • Timberlake Consultants -Software Firm
  • Everledge – Tech Firm
  • International Development Coalition of Scotland – industry body for Scottish charities
  • Dimensions – Tech Firm
  • Stemate Futures – Education Organization
  • Comsen – Computer Supplies Retailer
  • We Are Purposeful – Activism Organization

Can I ask my boss for a four day week?

all employees have the right request flexible work As long as you have been with your company for at least 26 weeks.

it is known as make a statutory application,

You can make a variety of flexible working requests, such as switching to part-time hours or compressing your work hours into fewer days.

Your boss will have to consider the request, but they don’t have to agree and you may have to take a pay cut for working fewer hours.

To make a request, you must write to your employer who will then consider and decide on your offer, usually within three months.

If they agree, your agreement will be updated to reflect the changes.

If they disagree, they must give you a reason and if you think it is unfair you can complain to the employment tribunal.

The government has previously promised Eliminate the 26 week wait and allow workers to make requests on their first day of employment.

However, no date has been given for the implementation of the new rule.

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