Thousands of people could see benefits payments STOPPED if they go abroad – what you need to know


Thousands of people claiming Personal Freedom Payments (PIPs) withheld their payments when they went abroad.

2.9 million people Claim PIPAccording to the latest figures of Govt.


If you go on vacation and don’t tell DWP you can stop your PIP paymentscredit: getty

People 16 years of age or older with chronic illness or disability Can get it – regardless of whether they are working, saving or receiving other benefits.

But if you claim it and you plan to go on a long holiday abroad, If you make this little-known mistake, your payments could be stalled.

If your trip is four weeks or more, the rules state that you must tell the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

This is because the recipients of the benefits have to inform the DWP of any change in circumstances.

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You have to tell them the date you are leaving the country, how long you are going out, which country you are going to and why you are going abroad.

If you fail to let the DWP know about it, it “may affect the claimant’s right to the PIP”, according to its handbook on online benefits.

what should i do?

If you are jetting off for four or more weeks, you will need to contact the PIP inquiry line.

This is where you report any change in circumstances.

The phone number is: 0800 121 4433, and the lines are open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Although there may be some charges, which you can check Here,

Who is eligible for PIP?

PIP has two parts: the daily living part to help with everyday tasks and the mobility part if you need help moving around.

Whether you qualify for one or both parts—and how much you’ll get—depends on how difficult you find those things.

You may find daily living part of PIP if you need help with tasks such as eating, drinking, dressing, and communication.

Claimants can get the second part if they find it difficult to work and follow a route, physically move around or leave their home.

You can find the complete eligibility requirements here website.

You can get PIP like all other benefits except Armed Forces Freedom Pay.

If you get a frequent attendance allowance, you will get less than the daily living portion of the PIP.

If you get the War Pensioners Mobility Supplement, you will not get the mobility part of the PIP.

If you are working or have savings then you can get PIP.

How Much WIll I Get?

Rates for Personal Freedom Payment (PIP) Rose in April.

Pay increased from £89.60 to £92.40 for the daily living component and £60 to £61.85 for the standard.

This went up from £62.55 to £64.50 for the mobility component and £23.70 to £24.45 for the standard.

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60 lakh Britons with disabilities will get £150 cost of living payment.

here is who will be eligible for this And when you will be paid.

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