Thousands of households have only DAYS left to apply for £150 council tax rebate


Thousands of families have just days left to apply for help with rising bills – or face waiting times for cash.

Council tax The discount is worth £150 and millions of families are eligible.


Cash is being paid by councils – but you may have to applycredit: getty

Residents in Council Tax Band AD eligible for cash,

Many people who pay their council tax bill by direct debit have already paid in cash directly into their bank accounts,

But thousands who should not apply for £150 from their local authority.

Leeds residents have been warned they have only a few days left apply for helpOr they will have to wait longer.

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The deadline of June 24 at 5 pm has been set for around 120,000 people who do not pay bills by direct debit.

Each council is giving cash in different ways and all is until september Eligible people to get cash on latest.

But some, like Leeds, set earlier dates for applying for money.

For example Families in West Suffolk had until 5 June to apply,

Those who miss the deadline in their area shouldn’t miss out on cash entirely—but it will take longer to arrive.

In Leeds, the council has said that anyone who does not apply by Friday will have £150 deposited into their council tax account or receive a voucher that can be redeemed at the post office.

No date has been given, but if you apply before the deadline, Leeds Council says you should get paid within six weeks.

any in Leads can apply online And you can check with your local council to see if that’s what you need to do where you are.

you can check your Local Council website And when will you get cash for social media page latest updates.

When will my £150 council tax exemption be paid?

Many local people have already been paid Places like Sunderland, Bracknell And east hampshire,

But some have to wait as long as councils Work through payment processing,

When you get the £150 discount depends on where you live.

Each council will have different systems, dates may vary, and the plan is new.

you can check your Local Council website And when will you get cash for social media page latest updates.

If you have a direct debit set up to make council tax bill payments, you are likely to receive earlier than if you paid manually.

If you’re eligible for a waiver, but you don’t pay the bill and need to apply, you should keep track of a letter.

This can also be the case if you pay your bill manually and the council does not have the bank details on record for you.

Your council will walk you through how to apply for £150.

But beware of scams where criminals are asking for bank details via text, email or call, claiming that’s how you get the discount.

Experts have warned About red flags to watch so that you do not lose cash.

If you are not eligible for lump sum payment you should check whether you eligible for any other assistance.

You can find out which band you are in to see if you are eligible for the automatic plan, or need to apply to the fund by using government search tool – You just need to enter your postcode.

There are also some discounts in the AD band, for example if you don’t live in the house.

You can do this Challenge your council tax band Don’t miss out on cash if you think it’s wrong.

But be aware that revaluing your band could put you in the lower band where you pay more council tax, so consider the risks.

if you are on one low income or profitYou may be eligible for a deduction on your council tax bill through a separate scheme.

different £144m fund Also launched are what local councils can prepare for vulnerable and low-income families.

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Some councils, such as Camden, have opened applications. For cash up to £150.

And battling the bills might be the hardest of families £150. eligible for additional payment on top of,

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