Thousands of households could see their water bills HALVED with new support fund – are you eligible?


Under the new assistance scheme, the water bill of thousands of struggling families has been halved.

Anglian Water launches £65m support package, says some customers may be missing out financial help Prices up to £3,000 per year.


Anglian Water customers can queue up for support with their water bill of up to £3,000credit: getty

It is offering a variety of services to support struggling customers – some will be eligible for discounted tariffs that can reduce their bills by up to 50%.

Others can find affordable payment plans, paid leave in certain circumstances, and direct assistance through the Anglian Water Assistance Fund.

It comes as part of a longer-term package through which Anglian Water will distribute £232 million to help customers most in need by 2025.

This comes as millions of families have seen them water bill increased Up to £36.

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Helps cover the cost of funds Bills And you can also repay your water loan if you are in arrears.

Anglian Water is also helping customers find out if they may be eligible for government benefits.

The firm said it has helped some customers claim up to £3,000 in additional benefits.

Recent data shows millions of people are deprived of £13 billion in unclaimed benefits such as universal credit and council tax support.

The water firm said its assessment had helped some customers get up to £3,000 in additional benefits.

Pete Holland, Anglian Water’s Director of Customer and Wholesale Services, said: “We know this year is going to be incredibly challenging for a significant number of our customers.

“We are incredibly proud of the support we have provided over the past year but it is clear that the next 12 months are going to be difficult, and we all need to act.”

am i eligible?

If you’re struggling with your water bill, the first thing to do is check with your provider.

Anglian Waters extra care The service can help customers come up with plans to help them manage their bills, including: subsidized Tariffs, affordable payment plans or “breathing space,” that give you a short payment break to get on top of your finances.

Wendy, 79, from Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, contacted Anglian Water to find she was entitled to a housing benefit of £200 per month.

Wendy said: “I’ve kept myself afloat over the years, but the huge increase in the cost of living has put me under a lot of stress both mentally and financially.

“The annual increase in my water bills of £60 per year has caused me serious concern.

“It may not be much for most people, but when you haven’t been able to buy a new pair of shoes in two years, it is.”

Wendy isn’t the only one finding out that she deserves extra help. today, Martin Lewis 1 million to check whether they can be due for pension credit Values ​​up to £3,300 per year,

What other help can I get with my water bills?

Anglian Water isn’t the only water company that offers customers water bills assistance.

some water companies offer matching plans Which can help you write off some of your debt and clear it quickly.

If you stick to a payment plan, or even wipe out your loan entirely, these plans can match every £1 you pay off your dues.

Thames Water, South West Water, Severn Trent and United Utilities are just a few of the providers offering help.

joint utilities For every £1 a customer will match £1 they pay off their water loan, and increase it to £2 if you continue to pay.

Severn Trent Water Launch big difference plan Last month, that offered water bill reduction to customers with a household income of less than £16,480.

Even if you don’t qualify for financial aid, there are some tricks that can help you. reduce your water bills,

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Martin Lewis urges families to investigate whether they will better with water meter,

Turning off the tap while washing can be save you £25 a yearAnd reducing the length of your shower can reduce your costs, too.

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