Thousands of households could get £200 water bill help – check if you’re eligible


Struggling homeowners can get extra help with their bills as the cost of living rises.

suppliers have special plans To help cash-strapped Britons Inflation has reached double digits.


Thousands of people can get extra help with water bills as the cost of living goes getty

For example, yorkshire water is funding £115 million bill relief package To help customers struggling to pay bills.

Have household bills including gas, food and water growing by hundreds of pounds And put pressure on many harsh Britons.

Grants can be as high as hundreds of pounds Customers pressured to keep up with rising prices,

The exact amount you can get will vary depending on the suppliers and where you live, as well as your circumstances and needs.

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yorkshire water Customers can receive an additional £200 per month help with water bills.

This grant is double the amount demanded by customers for bill support in the last three months.

More than 100,000 homeowners will receive assistance, so be sure to check if you’re eligible.

The package will run from now till 2025.

To be eligible for the grant, you must be current Low income With difficulty in paying your water bills.

You may need to send proof of your water meter or a recent bank statement.

you can Online Application If you believe you meet the requirements.

Zoe Burns-Shore, Director of Customer Experience at Yorkshire Water, said: “We know from talking to our customers that homes hit by a cost of living crisis are those that were not previously concerned about their water bills.

“With inflation rising, their disposable income has declined, and they now find themselves in a position where they cannot afford it all.

“Our shareholders are committing another £15 million in response to the exorbitant cost of living crisis, which will provide some relief to those worried about paying their water bills.”

other firm Also helping customers pay their bills.

For example, Severn Trent donated £3.5 million through its trust fund last year.

It gave over 3,000 grants of an average of £781 and helped nearly 400 families purchase the equipment they needed.

more water bill help

Water companies offer a variety of assistance to struggling families, including plans water support And watersure,

These grants help clients pay for water costs if they are on a low income, part of a large family or have medical costs to cover.

Low income families can apply watersure plan To Save hundreds of pounds on their bill every year.

if you are on universal creditYou may also be able to cap your water bill.

You can find out what your local water supplier is using Tools on WaterUK – Simply enter your postcode.

you can’t switch to another like you can with other utilities,

Similar plans are available from energy suppliers, such as British Gas offering up to £1,000 from 1 July – And you don’t need to be a customer.

If you are in debt or are struggling to pay your water bills, contact your supplier.

Each firm has its own plan, so you’ll have to ask directly.

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And if you’re worried about falling behind on the bills. There are many organizations where you can get advice for free, including:

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