Thousands of families could get FREE £60 in supermarket vouchers to help with soaring food costs


Thousands of tough families can get free cash to spend on food at the supermarket.

There may not even be much need for this, as the weekly shop is a factor in between the cost of the rocket. Cost of living crisis.


Thousands of families can get free £60 supermarket voucherscredit: getty

Rising inflation This means that the price of everything on the supermarket shelf is rising.

This leaves a lot of households worrying about where they will find the money to cough up next bill through the dooror to get food on the table.

But thankfully, councils have offered cash assistance to their local residents.

is one of them Middlesbrough Council Body is offering £60 supermarket vouchers to those who need it most.

Domestic support fund raised again as £500m more cash for families
Struggling families could get free cash to spend on food as prices rise

Vouchers began going out Monday for parents of children who already get free school meals.

they receive £60. lump sum payment of (to spend at any supermarket of your choice) per child, so some families may find more than a few more mouthfuls to feed.

The payments are designed to provide support to families who are struggling financially, but they are not a direct replacement for the free school meals most children already have during the holidays.

they are also thanking domestic assistance fund,

The City of Middlesbrough is providing a £1.6 million piece of the government’s Cost of Living Support Scheme to help people who are disabled by the ever-increasing costs.

The government actually poured extra money into the fund this year, to help ease pressure from some bill-payers whose pockets are already stretched.

Another £500 million Added to the pot so that more families and low-income families can benefit.

Then only last month, the Chancellor announced that the current scheme would continue beyond September this year, as he Domestic assistance fund increased again,

At the same time he also announced:

But Middlesbrough isn’t the only council to lend a hand to struggling constituents – much has started with the cash given to them in this round of domestic aid funding.

For example, eligible residents can receive £120 in meal vouchers to cover meals for Norfolk children, including Council’s latest hand-out,

During this, reading council Energy vouchers worth £98 to pensioners, and £49 to help families cover similar costs.

Also there’s a chance £180. claim up to in support of those living in Cornwall, and Parents in Brighton and Hove £105 can be found to cover essentials over the coming school break this year.

We’ve seen that each council offers something different, and the eligibility rules may differ as well.

it is the best check in with your local It’s right to find out what can be done for Grab as well as how you can apply.

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If you are still struggling with money to spend on feeding the hungry mouth then you can apply for £442 Help Also with Healthy Start Voucher.

And we reveal five ways to get emergency cash As soon as you start seeing all your bills pile up, there are hundreds of pounds worth.

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