Thousands of BT Openreach and call centre workers vote to strike over pay


Thousands of BT workers have voted in favor of the strike after a dispute over wages.

30,000. more than openreach The members of the Communication Workers Union (CWU) were voted on by engineers and 9,000 BT call center employees.


BT workers have voted in favor of strike action over salary disputecredits: PA

The telecom giant has been in dispute with CWU over salaries for three months, as it alleges bt to introduce a lower flat-rate wage increase, despite the increase inflation,

bt In April, 58,000 frontline workers were offered a £1,500 wage increase.

The increase equates to a 5% increase on average and an 8% increase for the lowest payout.

a bt The spokesperson said: “BT Group awarded its highest pay increase to frontline associates in more than 20 years – an average increase of 5% and up to 8% for those with the lowest salaries.

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“At the same time, we are in the midst of a generation-to-generation investment program to upgrade the country’s broadband and mobile networks.”

The spokesperson said: “Our job is to balance the competing demands of BT Group stakeholders and this requires careful management, especially in a challenging economic environment.

“CWU’s ballot result is disappointing but we will work to keep our customers and the country connected.”

Mr Ward said the vote for strike action was the first time a group of call center workers had voted for industrial action.

A vote by CWU members in the EE failed to meet the legal limit by only a few votes.

bt The workers’ vote is one of many others that have already taken place across England.

train strike Britain was crippled earlier this month and union leaders warned that industrial action would spill over into the public sector.

The CWU is also polling 115,000 postal workers in the Royal Mail about strike action.

of Britain inflation The high rate in May reached a 40-year high, 9.1 percent.


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