The kitchen appliances adding the most to your energy bills – and how to cut costs


Brits are grappling with one of the worst cost of living in decades and rising electricity bills are taking a toll on homes.

But many don’t know which devices are the biggest energy-guzzlers—and some are. Simple ways to cut costs.


Tumble dryers are the most expensive kitchen appliance


Here we take a look at the average annual running cost of each major appliance in your kitchen. Which one?,

be happy

test show be happy These are the most expensive appliances to run in the kitchen.

Their average household cost is £140 per year.

But if you have a heat pump model it cuts the price in half – because they are far more energy efficient.


american style fridge freezer Could cost Brits a small fortune – setting the average household back £120 every year.

But freestanding models, which are usually smaller, are much cheaper to run.

They’ll only set you back £84.94 home – which are even cheaper on the integrated models £72.41 a year.

The energy use for these appliances is so high because the freezer has to be on 24/7.

To save money, be sure to let the food cool before putting it in the freezer – as hot food makes it tougher.

dish cleaner

Dishwashers can be expensive when you sum up their cost over the course of a year.

He set back the average household £79.38.

The obvious way to save money is to run your appliance only when it’s full – or go back to the old-fashioned sink!


The average built-in electric oven costs £64.18 a year to run.

In general, electric ovens are more energy efficient and perform better in cost savings tests.

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Washing machine

Washing machines come only behind ovens in annual cost.

Annually they set back £63.25 back home.

To save money – and the planet – wash your clothes at lower temperatures.


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