Sun Squeeze team saved these readers over £3k with simple cost of living hacks to help you cuts £££s from your bills


With rising prices of petrol, groceries, energy bills and interest rates, everyone is feeling the pinch.

but help is at hand sun squeeze team – Our panel of experts who know how to bust your bills.


Sun’s Squeeze Team Saves These Readers £3,242 – Here’s How You Can Benefitcredit: getty

We have brought together the top of the country financial mind To share insider tricks to help keep you afloat in the deepest crisis of cost of living.

Today they tackle real-life problems for two families.

Garcia-Lopez Family

The García-López family has had to borrow £4,000 on Credit Card And loan because their annual income of £29,000 is not enough to cover them Bills,

Part-time childminder Michelle, 37, and her recording engineer husband John, 34, spend £1,400 a month on rent for a two-bedroom flat in the South with their six-year-old son Thomas and Michelle’s 15-year-old daughter Izzy. west London,

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The García-López family has had to borrow £4,000 on credit cards and loans because the income is not enough to cover the bills


The García-López family has had to borrow £4,000 on credit cards and loans because the income is not enough to cover the billscredit: Darren Fletcher

after tax, national insurance and housing costs, they have only £533, or £122 per week left, for all their other bills and food.

He has only used £4,300 of his savings to try to survive and has £500 left.

Michelle says: “Our kitchen cupboards used to be packed before but our £80 weekly grocery budget is buying less and less.

“During the lockdown, John hardly had any work, my childhood was cut short and we used our savings just to keep and eat our small flat. We no longer have a car, so we are limited to shopping at our local Tesco.”

mobile bill It comes to £100 a month for Michelle, John and Izzy because they have unlimited data to video call Michelle’s family in the Philippines and John’s relatives in Colombia.

Energy comes to £80 a month. They spend £40 a month on one Virgin Broadband and £80 per month on TV packages and home contents and gadget insurance.

they pay for it too Netflix, Disney+, amazon prime And spotify premium Total £384 per year.

They spend around £120 a month eating out and their loan and credit card payments are around £180 a month.

sun savers Editor Leah Milner says: “John and Mitchell’s debt is likely to get worse unless they take drastic action. They should use the eligibility checker at MoneySavingExpert to see if they qualify for a better loan rate.” can do.

“They can use the same tool to find out if they can get a zero percent balance transfer credit card. This can save around £240 a year from their interest payments.

“They currently bank with Nationwide and Barclays, but if they both switch to HSBC they can earn a welcome bonus of £170. It is an easy way to pocket £340.”

Tara Evans, head of consumer for The Sun, says: “Not having a car doesn’t mean they can only shop at Tesco, because Iceland has free delivery.”

clever trick

Leah says: “They could have used a clever trick to get two-for-one meals and cinema tickets for an entire year through Meerkat Movies and Meerkat Meals.

“They would each need to buy an affordable insurance policy on CompareTheMarket, such as one-day UK travel insurance for a couple of quid.

“It can halve the family’s annual bill from £1,440 to £720 and they can enjoy half-price cinema trips to the fullest.

“When their mobile deals with 3rd end, they can switch to another deal with much less data and make their video calls from home WiFi.

“They can reduce their total bill with Virgin Mobile to £12 per month for unlimited calls and 5GB of data.”

Richard Newdeg, Uswich The head of regulation said: “Removing one of their subscription services would save them around £96 a year.”

Joe Thornhill, Wealth Expert at Comparison Site money supermarketsaid the family would save £96 a year when their Virgin deal ends by switching to an 18-month Sky contract, which includes sky tvBroadband and Netflix for £39 per month.

Holly Mead, deputy head consumer of The Sun, said: “It may be cheaper to add their gadgets to their main home insurance policy.

“If they sign up for TopCashback and click through to to compare costs and buy a new policy, they can get £30 back.”

Garcia-Lopez Family

  • £340 bank bonus
  • £720 Meal Out
  • £192 TV and Broadband
  • £30 Insurance Cashback
  • £987 mobile contract
  • £240 credit card and loan interest

Total savings: £2,509

what a bishop

Single mum-of-three Cassie Bishop, 35, from cardiffWorks at two different jobs six days a week but can’t sleep at night worrying about her bills.

She lives in a two-bed flat with sons Keel, 15, Kyron, 13, and Ryan, ten.

Single-mum Cassie Bishop works two different jobs six days a week but can't sleep at night worrying about her bills


Single-mum Cassie Bishop works two different jobs six days a week but can’t sleep at night worrying about her billscredit: Hu Evans

Cassie says: “I am feeling very worried. I don’t know how I’ll make it to the next pay day. ,

She typically earns around £1,100 per month as a teaching assistant and £120 per month working three hours each week as a respite caregiver.

after paying rent universal credit, he has about £250 left. Her precarious financial situation has become even tougher this month as her pay packet was reduced by £300 and she is trying to figure out why.

Cassie now fears she won’t be able to buy Kyron another bike for her birthday in July.

with its broadband talk Talk Has increased to £40 per month and she struggles to keep purchase costs down Aldi,

She adds: “Boys eat a lot. Then they punch holes in their instructors or tell me about a school trip and I’m like, ‘Oh my god.

There are prepayment meters for Cassie energy with British GasPays around £100 per month, but she is £400. is eligible for energy aid grant,

She pays £25-per-month for a SIM-only phone three Which has unlimited data.

Make ends meet

Cassie has had to rely on a food bank in the past and may have to do it again.

A debt collection company is chasing around £3,000 Council tax And water arrears,

She says: “I keep hitting brick walls every time I ask for help.”

Cassie is far from alone. Nearly half of the workers asked by the GMB union say they have had to borrow money to meet their needs in the past six months.

but sun squeeze team can help.

Jonathan Chesterman of debt charity Stepchange says: “A debt advisor will be able to apply for the Breathing Spaces plan, which will give him 60 days when his creditors cannot take enforcement action to figure out what to do. able to pay.”

He urged her to contact stepchange helpline on 0800 138 1111 or through online chat. When it comes to the reduction in her wages, Sarah Coles, senior personal finance analyst at Hargreaves Lansdowne, said a recent change in employer could put Cassie on the emergency tax code.

He told her: “If so contact your employer, then contact HMRC and request a change in the tax code.”

Consumer expert Martin James urged Cassie to contact his energy supplier, British Gas.

She added: “She should explain that she is having a hard time paying her bills and ask if help is available.”

He also advised Cassie to seek help with her rent through the Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) scheme.

he should run the check Turn2us website To ensure that he is not deprived of benefits or grants.

Leah Milner says: “Casey could have saved a lot on her mobile bill. If she can manage on 15GB, she can get a Plusnet deal for £8 per month plus £25 cashback on a prepaid card, allowing her A savings of £229 per year.”

The Sun put Cassie in touch with big-hearted Mike Jones, who runs Free Bikes 4 Kids, a bike recycling scheme in Newport, South Wales. He hopes to find a birthday bike for Kyron.

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Cassie could also save £11.99 on her TV and broadband bill by switching to the same Sky contract that Joe Thornhill recommended to the García-López family.

And she could convert her £40-a-month pet insurance for the French Bulldog Hercules into a policy with Frank that cost less than £18 a month and save Cassie £264 a year.

what a bishop

  • £229 mobile contract
  • £240 TV and Broadband
  • £264 pet insurance

Total savings: £733

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Michelle García-López says: 'Our kitchen cupboards used to be packed ... but our £80 weekly grocery budget is buying less and less'


Michelle García-López says: ‘Our kitchen cupboards used to be packed … but our £80 weekly grocery budget is buying less and less’credit: Darren Fletcher
Cassie Bishop says: 'I'm feeling really worried.  I'm working six days a week and don't know how I'll be on the next pay day'


Cassie Bishop says: ‘I’m feeling really worried. I’m working six days a week and don’t know how I’ll be on the next pay day’credit: Hu Evans


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