State Pension warning over ‘misleading’ DWP information that could cost you HUNDREDS of pounds


Pensioners could be at risk of wasting hundreds of pounds on topping up their pension unnecessarily.

Government website designed to help them check national insurance Records have been termed ‘misleading’ and ‘misleading’ by former pension minister Sir Steve Webb,


Pensioners can waste thousands of pounds for no reason

state pension Currently the value is up to £185.15 per week.

You will need 35 qualifying years to achieve this National Insurance contributions,

If you do not have that many years then you will get less pension amount, and if you have less than 10 years of NIC then nothing

national insurance There is a tax that you pay after you are over 16 years old and earn a fixed salary.

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Department of Work and Pensions The website will allow you to check the state pension forecast.

This means you can find out if there are any deficiencies in your National Insurance records.

If there is any which means you fall short of the required number of years then you can pay the amount missing Through voluntary NI contribution.

It’s often worth doing this because you get back more than you pay from your state pension.

Although sir steveLen Clark & ​​Peacock, a partner at pension consultancy, warned that the information displayed could be potentially misleading.

Website displays people’s shortcomings national insurance Records – and displays the cost of “filling the shortfall”.

But this performance is visible even when a person has full years and will already receive a full state pension

This could lead some people to pay hundreds of pounds more government without any reason.

Sir Steve was approached by David Kemp, a 62-year-old retired HR consultant Devon Which was encouraged to increase his pension.

The DWP website said he had 44 years of full contribution, which means he is entitled to a full pension.

But scrolling down the page further, it said there was a difference. He would have to pay £600 to close it.

Sir Steve said: “When people visit a government website that is supposed to provide them with personal information, they expect that information to be relevant to them.

“In this case, and no doubt that of many others, Mr. Kemp was presented with a very accurate figure to make up for a ‘lacking’ in his NI record, yet it was entirely a fit for his position.” was irrelevant.”

“Worse, he could have wasted hundreds of pounds by making unnecessary payments.”

The pension expert said the DWP should make changes to the website “as an immediate” so that those who cannot avail benefits like Mr. Kemp did not get the figures cited for making such payments.

DWP has been contacted for comment.

How to Check Your National Insurance Records

National Insurance contributions Usually taken directly from your salary if you are employed or through self-assessment for self-employed.If people were unemployed, low-income, or self-employed, they often had gaps.

You can see how many years you have made NI payments and view any missing years official website.If you do not already have an account, you will need to create a Government Gateway account online.


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