State pension error warning – are you being underpaid and missing out on THOUSANDS?


State pension claimants are being warned they could lose thousands of pounds.

In total, more than £1 billion were paid to retirees, it came out last yearEach of whom loses an average of £8,900.


Pensioners could be deprived of thousands of poundscredit: getty

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has made a huge effort to correct this any mistakes Or remove any gaps where contenders may slip.

But according to Steve Webb, LCP partner and former pension minister, there are still errors in the new state pension awards.

It affects women who have previously . had paid the lower rate of National Insurance contributionsCommonly known as the “Seal of the Married Woman”.

Under the old state pension system, these women could claim some of their state pension based on their husband’s contribution.

How to spot pension mistakes – and get them fixed
There could be three reasons for the reduction of thousands in the state pension payments of women.

But the errors meant that in some cases, women were told they had zero rights, while they could actually be entitled to more than £4,000 per year.

They may have found that they now lack the 10 years of full rate contributions required to qualify for any payments under the new state pension rules.

There is a way around it – as long as they were paying the reduced ticket 35 years before retiring.

If so, women can automatically receive a pension of £85 per week if they are married or £141.85 if they are widowed or divorced.

Steve Webb’s previous FOI request revealed that DWP found in 2019 that it was making errors in such cases and a correction exercise was carried out at that time.

Mr Webb said: “When the DWP admitted to me that they were making mistakes for this group of women, I assumed they must have established procedures to solve the problem.

“Yet I continue to hear from women who have been wrongly told they are not entitled to a pension.

“What worries me the most is how many other women there could be who relied on what the DWP told them and are now struggling to get by without the pension that they deserve. .

“The DWP should check all its records for such cases and fix things, as well as make sure these mistakes don’t happen again.”

Women who have paid the ticket of married woman at any point in time till retirement in 35 years should check whether they are getting the correct amount or not.

They should contact the Pension Service to see if they are entitled to a higher pension.

Pension service can be accessed using website or by calling 0800 731 0469.

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If it is found that you are not getting the correct amount then you should start receiving the correct payment.

And if you’re owed money, you’ll probably have to keep quiet and wait for DWP to send you a letter confirming your payment.

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