Seven freebies and help households on Universal Credit can get NOW while they wait for £650 cost of living payments


Hard-up families on Universal Credit can claim up to seven free gifts and additional support while they await a living payment of £650.

Last month Chancellor Rishi Sunak launched a huge cost of living support package Help families pay their rising electricity bills.


If you’re on Universal Credit while you wait to pay your cost of living, you can get help nowcredit: alamy

Families face winter energy bill hikes when price range is expected to max Hit £2,800 in October.

This means £830 will be added to the bills which will deal a bitter blow to households’ budgets.

Amid the help that surfaced, Mr. Sunak said that there would be a profit of eight million on the means-tested benefits. £650 cash boost from July.

while a £400 Energy Bill Grant Will be given to every household to pay rising bills from October.

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But that means you can wait for months for your cash—which is bad news for people struggling to pay their bills.

However, if you’re on Universal Credit, you can get extra help now to help pay for rising costs while you wait – we explain what you can get.

advanced payment

Universal Credit claimants have a five-week wait before their claim is accepted to actually receive the cash.

If you don’t have enough to live with during this period, you can ask for one. advanced payment To get some money immediately.

This includes essential expenses such as food and rent.

If you’re already on Universal Credit and your circumstances change, you can also receive an advance payment, which means you’re entitled to more money.

However, both types of advances have to be repaid from your future payments in installments – this is not free cash.

To apply, you can speak to your JobCenter Plus Work Coach, apply through your online account, or call the Universal Credit Helpline on 0800 328 5644.

budget advance

Can make another type of advance payment help you budgetAnd you can get up to £812.

The payment will pay for your emergency household needs such as replacing broken white goods.

You can also use it for work-related costs, such as uniforms for a new job or traveling to an interview.

Again, this is a loan so you will need to repay it through your Universal Credit payments in the future.

The minimum amount you can borrow is £100.

Single claimants can receive £348, couples can claim up to £464 and you can get a total of £812 if you have children.

cheap broadband

Many broadband providers offer affordable packages for families on benefits including Universal Credit.

It is estimated that 4.2 million households may be eligible for these deals.

You can save up to £144 per year by switching to one of these social charges.

But regulator Ofcom says only 55,000 households have taken advantage of the offer.

BT and Virgin Media are among the firms offering cheap deals – check if you can benefit from Reduction in broadband rates.

water bills

Water bills are rising – but if you’re on Universal Credit you can apply for help to lower them.

Low income families can apply for WarerSure scheme Save hundreds of pounds on their bill every year.

If you claim Universal Credit or a number of other benefits, you may be able to limit your water bill.

You must already have a water meter installed to qualify for the plan, and prove that you need to use a lot of water.

You must have three or more children under the age of 19 in the household, and receive child benefits for them.

Or, you need to prove that you have a medical condition that requires extra water from you.

Suppliers determine the cost of water bills under this plan based on the average household bill charged by your water company.

Ask your own supplier what plans it has or Check out CCW’s round-up With regard to the various assistance available.

Many water companies provide assistance to customers who cannot pay their bills – Find yours here.

Exactly what help you can get and who is eligible will depend on who your supplier is.

If you’re struggling to pay your water bills, some suppliers may agree to reduce or erase your debt.

If you are eligible for Universal Credit, there may be other benefits that you are entitled to.

For example, if you have a long-term physical or mental health condition, you may Personal liberty payment.

this is Value up to £7,500 per year If you get the maximum amount,

use profit calculator To check that you are getting all the financial aid you deserve.

free recipes

you may be able to claim free nhs prescriptions If you are getting Universal Credit.

One of the following must also apply:

  • You had no income or net income of £435 or less in your previous Universal Credit assessment period.
  • You had no income or net income of £935 or less in your previous Universal Credit assessment period, and your award included a child element or you had a limited capacity for work or work-related activity.

If you are in a couple, the net income is applied to your combined income.

To prove that you qualify for a free prescription, you must bring a copy of your Universal Credit notice to receive your prescription.

see the NHS website for More information on how to apply.

childcare assistance

Universal Credit can help families pay for their children’s upbringing.

You can get up to £442 through healthy start plan To pay for food if you are pregnant or have a small child.

pregnant moms can get £500 Fixed Maternity Grant If they claim certain benefits including Universal Credit.

Once your child is in school, families can get on Universal Credit free lunch,

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That is, if your household income is less than £7,400 per year.

You can contact your child’s school for more information.

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