Rare £2 coins: The 11 most valuable two pounds in circulation – from Mary Rose to Magna Carta.


With an enlarged wallet as the cost of living woes, you may have to turn to change in your pocket to make a profit.

sometimes also most unheard coins, stuffed down the side of the sofa, that might make you mint. We find out if you can be quid-in.


Coins can be worth much more than their face value online

This happens when a coin If you are secretly sitting at the mint, its value is much more than its face value.

if one rare coin If the right catches the interest of the buyer, they can pay around 40 times the face value on its design.

So a £2 At the corner store, or at a vending machine, it may actually be worth more to someone who sees it as a rarity.

This is usually because it has a . It happens unique designOr they know there aren’t too many copies going on.

There are currently 55 different £2 coin designs in circulation and they can fetch as much as £70 if they are in perfect condition.

change checker The Scarcity Index ranks them all to determine which are rare – and which ones to look out for.

Latest update arrived in May this year.

Each coin will receive a number between one and 100 indicating how hard it is to find, as well as the demand for it.

The higher the number, the rarer the coin – which also means the more likely it is to be in your money as well.

But in general, you need to know that the lower the mint, the rarer the coin is – and The rarer the coin, the more valuable it is,

This means that many have not been produced, which is more attractive to collectors because they are harder to catch, and they will pay more for a copy of their own.

Here’s what coins came to trump and how many circulating versions — those coming in your alter — have been recently sold on eBay.

1. 2002 Commonwealth Games Northern Ireland – £67

    The Northern Ireland version of the Commonwealth Games coin is currently the most valuable


The Northern Ireland version of the Commonwealth Games coin is currently the most valuablecredit: 24carat.co.uk

The 2002 Commonwealth Games Northern Ireland £2 coin tops the ChangeChecker crunch index list.

It also stands its ground, as the coin has topped the charts for the last two updates.

But not only that, recently a £67 on eBay. sold for more – Making it an impressive sale worth 33 times the face value of the coin.

Of these, only 485,500 are in circulation.

You can see which version of the coin by looking at the flag in the circle – it will depict either the English, Northern Irish, Scottish or Welsh flag.

2. 2002 Commonwealth Games England – £33

    By the flag in the circle, you can tell which country's coin you have


By the flag in the circle, you can tell which country’s coin you havecredit: coinhunter

The Commonwealth Games coin for England has moved up to second place in the scatter index.

Of these, only 650,500 are in circulation.

and one sold on ebay £33.32

3. 2002 Commonwealth Games Scotland – £46

    The Scottish flag is on the third rare £2 coin


The Scottish flag is on the third rare £2 coin

The 2002 Scottish Commonwealth Games comes in third place in the coin shortage index.

Although not as rare as its other Commonwealth counterparts, none were successful. An impressive £46. sell for on ebay.

This is 23 times its face value of £2.

Of these, 771,750 are in circulation.

4. Olympic Centenary – £13

    This coin was minted in 2008


This coin was minted in 2008

Continuing with the theme of sport, the Olympic Centenary £2 completed 100 years of the modern Games in 2008, and has 910,000 in circulation.

one version sold £13. ebay for Which is about 10 times its marked value.

5. London 2012 Handover – £53

    Coin shows Olympic Games handover


Coin shows Olympic Games handovercredit: change checker

At the end of each Olympic Games, the next host city of the Games is celebrated with a flag handover ceremony.

In 2012 we flagged off Rio to take the next tournament.

That event was immortalized on the design of the £2 coin, with only 845,000 issued in circulation.

managed in a sealed pack Exactly £52.75. sell in Just last month on eBay.

6. Olympic Handover – £33

    About one million of these coins are in circulation.


About one million of these coins are in circulation.

The Olympic handover coin is still in the top ten.

It details the £2 handing over of the 2008 Olympics to London from Beijing for 2012, and shows the Olympic flag and the two shaking hands.

One Exactly £32.82 . Sold In April this year.

Of these, 918,000 are in circulation.

7. King James Bible – £20.50

    This coin shows text from the Bible


This coin shows text from the Bible

Next on the list is a coin showing the King James Bible.

sold for one £20.50 in February on ebay.

According to Change Checker, there are 975,000 in circulation.

8. London Underground Roundel – £27

    The coin shows the famous London transport sign


The coin shows the famous London transport sign

Of these, over 1.5 million London Underground-themed coins are in circulation.

One showing the famous roundel of the capital’s transportation system £27. Sold Back in January after 13 bids.

It is currently slightly below the scarcity index, but it is still popular among collectors.

9. Mary Rose – £21

    It is ranked ninth in the coin scarcity index.


It is ranked ninth in the coin scarcity index.

Showing an operational £2 famous Mary Rose ship sold on eBay for £21.

There are just over a million in circulation.

And it ranks 9th on the Change Checker Crunch Index.

10. 2015 World War I (Navy) – £14

    We found one of these coins sold for over £14 on eBay


We found one of these coins sold for over £14 on eBay

Launched in 2015 as part of a set of £2 coins marking the centenary of WWI, 100 of these two pounds were given to HMS Belfast.

Coin hunters arrived on the ship to track them down.

We found an eBay listing where it Sold for £14.25.

11. Magna Carta – £23


Magna Carta £2 Recently sold on eBay for over £20 Magna Carta Coin celebrates the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta.

sold for £2 one tenor back in march on ebay.

It has been in circulation since 2015, and there are currently 1,495,000 of them in people’s wallets, banks and til across the country.

It’s not just £2 coins that can bring you windfall; rare £1 coins also sell for more than their face valueas do 10p coins,

You can check your wallet for any loose change – these are: Six of the Rarest and Most Valuable Coins,

And a collector in Kent found an extremely rare silver 2p error coin, And it costs £1,350. Might be possible,

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