Not using a trolley at the supermarket could save you hundreds of pounds – here’s how


By not using trolleys in supermarkets, shoppers can save hundreds of pounds on their shopping bills.

As buyers continue to grow, this advice is included in a series of helpful tips for keeping purchase prices low. food prices,


A few useful tricks at the supermarket can lead to big savings over timecredit: AFP

By using a basket instead of a trolley, you are more likely to buy fewer items.

Customers will be more aware of what they are buying as there is not much space in the basket.

Another tool to keep costs down is swapping out valuables for cheaper supermarket brands, Mirror informed of.

In a technique known as the ‘downshift’ challenge, it is recommended that you go for something more budget-friendly.

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The savings are estimated to be around 30 percent, which means you can keep an extra £30 per £100 store which quickly adds up.

Those who want to cut down on spending are also urged to have a loyalty card.

Some stores offer big rewards for customers – and the loyalty plans are free to sign up for.

Hunting down yellow sticker deals also makes for an easy way to save some money.

By buying items that are nearing their expiration at a lower rate, you are also helping to reduce food waste.

facing buyers 21% increase in prices in supermarkets As the discount and budget categories get smaller.

Research by whom? The supermarket shows the products whose prices are rising the fastest – and the items that are shrinking in size.

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it comes as Inflation at 40-year high of 9% In April more families are struggling to deal with a cost of life crisis,

family energy bill an increase of 54% on average, petrol prices Record highs have been reached and grocery prices are also increasing. At the same time, Preferred deals are disappearing – Tesco is ready to Ban a purchase Get a free offer On Sweet Snacks From Autumn


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